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Spider sp

Observed: 3rd December 2012 By: peteralfreypeteralfrey’s reputation in Invertebratespeteralfrey’s reputation in Invertebrates
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This was hibernating in a

This was hibernating in a tunnel if that helps. In the same tunnel were 39 Herald Moths, a Buttoned Snout and more spiders. Got some photos on my blog link below to see the tunnel

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Not really

All the spiders suggested are terrestrial jobs (a.ferox least so perhaps, which is why its up a wall ;) ) and their occurrence in the tunnel is either opportune hunting, or escape from the cold and not 'normal' habboe. Unlike the metellina merianae which loves this sort of habitat (especially at the threshold).

Cracking array of heralds you had there!

Any archeognatha / bristletails?

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Ok, thanks. One of my friends

Ok, thanks. One of my friends said he had some bristletails- will try and get hold of some photos.