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Observed: 22nd July 2011 By: kereddotkereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrateskereddot’s reputation in Invertebrates

Growing on stinging nettle

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Invertebrate Group

I would put this in the invertebrates, I like you think it may be Dasineura urticae.

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The distibution map is interesting - where cecidologist live or go on holiday perhaps

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Six agreements a lot for an obscure (I might mean unpopular) subject! Many excellent Dasineura urticae posts remain in limbo.
These nettle galls are easy to ID compared to many others. They occur on leaf veins, leaf tissue and flowers - I've yet to see one on the main stem. See mine - and
Prayer for Day
Those few of us who like to post such things, should spend some time in Other Observations, if only to leave an encouraging comment but, preferably, to agree when reasonable. Amen


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I am trying to get all UK plant gall postings in one place


This will hopefully increase the "visibility" to people interested in plant galls and increase identifcation/confirmation rates

There are currently over 550 records collected

Could you please tag any plant gall records "plant gall" or "plant gall causer" - without speech marks

Thanks in anticipation - apologies if you get multiple requests as I am trawling through past records.

If you feel reasonably confident in your id why not go to "other observations and confirm them - Following Derek's advice - if you go here to get to the next record for the same species just go to the top left and click next

Mark Wilson