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Micarea lignaria?

Observed: 3rd December 2012 By: Urban NatureUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Micarea lignaria

Far from certain if my suggestion is correct so any comments will be much appreciated, thanks. Found on a headstone.


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Not easy

This doesn't have the rounded granules of M. lignaria and some other Micarea spp. Microscopy is probably needed here to reach or confirm an ID.


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Verrucaria dufourii a possibility?

Thanks for your comments Nigel.

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I'm afraid not

These are apothecia, not perithecia, so you can rule out Verrucaria.

There are a daunting number of species with these black, lecideine apothecia. Someone with more experience might be able to name it from the photo, but I'd want to look at the spores.

A wild guess that is best ignored: Lecidella scabra with mature, convex apothecia? Probably not.


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Yep, I can see that now, thanks for the explanation.

You may well be right with L.scabra, I've had a look at that species and it could well be.