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A speedwell growing at about 2000 feet. Which one?

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Having referred to Stace, ...

while he includes both subspecies in the flora, he also says that montane plants of ssp. serpyllifolia are intermediate


which leads me to speculation as to whether what we have is an altitudinal cline, rather than two subspecies.

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*sigh* opens dictionary....

cline - "A gradient of morphological or physiological change".

So it could be the same species, but presenting differently according to the altitude.

Well, it could be!!

It will be interesting to see if anyone prefers the second ID over the first one, and whether they leave a comment here to indicate why they think so.

The specimen recorded here certainly looks a lot more compact than "normal" V. serpyllifolia, as well as having the much darker flowers.

Why would an alpine environment allow/encourage flowers of a stronger blue, I wonder?

Rachy Ramone

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