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Bird of prey, Heaton Park Mcr

Observed: 2nd December 2012 By: mhamilton517
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An escaped Harris hawk, I

An escaped Harris hawk, I think, not a buzzard.

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My apologies Mydaea, once again your comment was not showing when I entered my ID.

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None required, Chris.

None required, Chris.

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Harris Hawk

Last year, I recommended that a client employ a falconer using one of these birds for gull deterrence.
It worked very well, until the hawk discovered that a neighbouring domestic property kept chickens.
The hawk clearly reasoned thus: on the one hand, I have belligerent Herring Gulls with a "come on, if you think you're hard enough" attitude; on the other hand there were these "hello trees, hello sky", plump little chickens...
To cut the story short, we had to buy the neighbour a new chicken. Of course, it was a pedigree, family pet, excellent layer, etc. etc.

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