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French rush

Observed: 22nd July 2012 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plants

By a salt lake just a hundred yards inland from the beach/dunes

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Juncus acutus

The photo, enlarged, shows the swollen glossy red capsules which are longer than their perianth segments. And the long sharp-pointed leaves. Habitat right - dune slacks and sandy salt-marshes.


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Junco espinoso

Yes, this is amazingly worldwide (except Orkney!) well, except quite a few places.
This is a bit revealing - - I had always thought it was across the UK as I had seen it in a few (unrecorded) places in North Wales.
Graeme/Jo, do have experience of it in the UK?
There are so few UK posts.
But hey, see this one.

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Juncus acutus

It is mentioned in an OU video (from 1980's?) as present at Braunton Burrows, North Devon. I did not record it at Swanage Sand dunes, Dorset, though I have made several trips there, but I wasn't looking specifically for it.


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Welsh coast

It is not at all rare on the Welsh coast.