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Frozen spores?

Observed: 2nd December 2012 By: dennisl

Walking through my local wood I noticed what looked like remnants of fallen snow on dead tree branches. There was no snow anywhere else in the wood. I returned the following day with camera but being a warmer day - the "snow" had gone. I returned again today with camera and being below freezing the "snow" was back. Looks like frozen spores?


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    Likely ID
    ice (di-hydrogen oxide)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Mark, I've seen the same thing recently, at several spots within Devon Wildlife Trust's Dunsford reserve. I also took some pictures, which look very similar to yours, and was thinking of posting them on iSpot.

It was suggested to me that the frost might have formed around the hyphae or mycelia, rather than spores but, personally, I don't know enough about fungi structure to have an opinion. I'm sure we'd both welcome some expert input.