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Having heard yesterday that I have passed S159 Neighbourhood Nature, I wish to thank all those people (and there have been a number of you) who helped me get there; but perhaps the most frequent have been Alan S, Synangium and Gardener, so special thanks to you for particularly clear and helpful comments and explanations.

There is so much more for me to learn and with a rather ‘senior’ brain it is going to take rather a long time before I feel confident enough to help others. S159 has given me a new hobby that I’m very much enjoying and shall hopefully continue to enjoy for many years to come until my legs will no longer carry me to find them.

Thank you.




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on passing the course, and thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for lichens through iSpot. I look forward to many more observations from a part of Scotland I rarely reach.


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Well done Ginny

Anyone who has been reading your observations will not be in the least bit surprised that you've passed. Quite clearly well deserved.