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Kitenet - Migrant Hawker - ID photo - 28 September 2008 - 4:10pm

Observed: 28th September 2008 By: Martin Harvey
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ID - Migrant Hawker - Jonathan Silvertown

This is Jonathan's photo from a couple of weeks ago - I've annotated it with some ID tips. Would be good to have tools in iSpot to faciliate this process (had to download and open in photo editing software then re-upload), plus we need somewhere other than observations to store and share such images.

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Photo Size

Hi Martin,
Definitely need somewhere to store this sort of very useful info; the annotated photo you have uploaded gets cuts off at the sides when you enlarge it, hiding some important text.
Best Regards
Tony Moverley

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photo size


Thanks for your comments. When you first click on the photos on iSpot they open up at a larger size, but as you say they are cropped square. However, having opened them up at a larger size you should see some text ("Click here for full size image") below the photo that you can click on to open up the original, uncropped image.

We'll see if we can find a way of making this more obvious, you're by no means the only person not to have realised what the text is supposed to do!

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photo size

Thanks for pointing that out - it all becomes clear now!

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Martin it would be good ....

if clicking on the larger size image opened the original.

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What a Great Idea

... and it was three years ago!

I particularly like the annotations as to distinguishing features against each "similar species". Bravo!