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Very dark picture but it looks like a cock Pheasant to me.

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Trev, why not add the ID.

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Dark variant.

Not so much a dark picture, a dark plumage which can be fairly common in some areas.
It's a shame there wasn't more sun on the bird, they can look quite impressive with the sun at the right angle, with purple gloss on the head and green gloss on the body.

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I added the ID without noticing that Trev had got there first, albeit informally.

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No apology needed. My fault but I'm still finding my way around the site procedures. I will go straight in with an identification next time with the 'might be this but not sure' label.

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Melanistic Mutant

I've seen one of these before walking down the road somewhere in Southern England [I was working away from home at the time]. This is a melanistic mutant which apparently is a pure breed. These large, beautiful pheasants feature an iridescent, greenish-black plumage.