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Yellow-legged Gull Middlebere p1

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Yellow-legged Gull Middlebere p1
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Why yellow-legged

From the picture I am not sure I can agree with yellow-legged.

The legs are pink-ish (although that is not absolutely reliable).

A very clean head (which in winter plumage would hint towards yellow-legged but this bird might just be slow in getting into its winter suit)

From what I can see of the red spot on the bill it is quite large which might again suggest yellow-legged but this is not really shown well enough to be confident.

Mantle colour is pretty much impossible to judge from a picture unless a bird for comparison is shown.

If you include any field notes taken saying how the bird was identified it might be possible to agree.

David Howdon

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Why Yellow-legged

One has been frequenting this locaion for some years. Also I observed it a short time before, at a greater distance but legs showed yellow quite appreciably.