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Observed: 25th November 2012 By: PaulChallinorPaulChallinor’s reputation in BirdsPaulChallinor’s reputation in BirdsPaulChallinor’s reputation in BirdsPaulChallinor’s reputation in Birds
Bullfinch 12-11-25 03
Bullfinch 12-11-25 01

Managed to get a couple of not so blurred photos. this is the second time I've seen it visiting the feeders this winter.

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Bull Finches

Loverly little birds colourfull too do you know much about their distribution in Englans at the moment??

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I'm not an expert by any means. This year is the first time I've noticed a bullfinch in my garden. But if you go to on the BTO website this has distribution information

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Certainly round where I am, if you want to find Bullfinches at this time of year, just drive around the country roads, or walk down them, even better. They are one of the commonest birds to be seen flitting ahead of you down the hedges, white rumps flashing.

Skulking in scrubby woodland and hard to see in the summer, but easy to see at this time of year in hedgerows. Surprisingly common, too...I can easily ring over 50 a year in my local wood.


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