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Observed: 28th November 2012 By: aesf2aesf2’s reputation in Invertebrates

We found this small moth in a tea cup in our office. It has long slim wings and tiny barbs on its legs. The photo is not of the moth we found but is the same type.

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Species with which Plume moth (Amblyptilia acanthadactyla) interacts


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The shape of the scale tuft on the hindwing which can be made out indicates it is acanthadactyla rather than the otherwise similar punctidactyla.

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The 'someone you work with'

The 'someone you work with' happens to be county recorder for moths where they live (or similar level of expertise) so can be quite confident of the moth's id and that the photo is of the same species.

I just added this because its normally tricky to deal with observations where there is not a photo of the exact specimen.

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Hadn't noticed

that the picture was not of the observation.

Even if the person is the county recorder (and so I am sure correct in their ID) I'm a little uncomfortable with agreeing the ID on that basis so have removed my agreement.