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Highland Cattle

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Highland cattle
Highland cattles

I had tried to find the scientific name but no avoid.

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    Highland cattle
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Latin name

Hi, it's Bos taurus.

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Just going by what has been used on iSpot before, what would you suggest?

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not sure

It is bovine for cow but I don't think there is a scientific name for separate breeds of cattle or sheep either.I put highland cattle on a year or so back and did not have a scientific name either.


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Highland Cattle

Hi Shiela

From some research this appears to be the classification


COMMON NAME: Highland cattle
KINGDOM: Animalia
PHYLUM: Chordata
CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Bovidae

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Thanks guys. That's the

Thanks guys. That's the reason I joined iSpot to learn. I checked on Wikipedia and other reference books. No snswer. And by the way, "Bos taurus" is very difference in wiki. Keep searching........

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Thanks Chris
That is interesting as I was never sure and could never find any info,will write it down in case I spot any more of these lovely cattle.



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Hi Sheila, it seems that most UK breeds of cattle come under Bos taurus, none of them having their own scientific name as you suggested earlier.

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Hybrid Highland Coos?

Looking at the photos some appear as if they may have been cross-bred with something else. I wonder what the Highland Cattle Breeders Association would say?

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Look like colour variations on the Highland Cattle theme to me :-)

I've certainly seen 3 colour forms in fields in various parts of England.