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Harbour Porpoise

Observed: 15th November 2012 By: lb2668
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I think you can identify it

I think you can identify it by its head, dorsal fin and size. I like the pic2, yes blowing.

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Thanks Never seen one blow so

Never seen one blow so was not sure

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Excellent photos

Excellent photos showing the blunt nose and small dorsal fin. These animals are unusually active, coming so far out of the water that the heads are showing (even the pectoral fins on one animal in pic 3)- normally they move with a 'rolling' motion through the water with only the fin showing.

Gill Sinclair
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Thanks for your comments. We

Thanks for your comments.
We were watching and photographing them for over an hour but they only acted like this for a short time.
We think that maybe it's something to do with the tide pushing around the headland.