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Species with which Spear-leaved Orache (Atriplex prostrata) interacts


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Four stars?

I seem to have just got four plant "stars". That really doesn't feel right. There's loads of common plants I don't know and always make mistakes in my IDs....

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We all make mistakes so I wouldn't worry too much, making a mistake is the best way of learning my Dad used to say.

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Reputation system

The reputation system doesn't really work as a guide to expertise. It works out more like a measure of how many IDs you have made. (If you wanted to game the system putting up lots of observations of easily identified plants would be the way to go.)

The scale is also logorithmic. It is easy to get to 3 stars (took me 3 days), requires a little persistence to get to 4 stars (4 weeks), and takes forever to get to 5.

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A year ago I knew nothing about plants, now a know a little. In a years time I hope to know a lot more. It's a great learning medium, just enjoy.

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I agree

I've been taking pics of plants and trying to identify them for years. I'm not too bad, but there's always something really common that catches me out. The Sussex WT courses I've been on have been a real inspiration too, and have got me reading about biology for the first time since I did my A levels, which was a long time ago.

We've also just got a dog, so iSpot is proving to be a great part of the mix. On the daily walks within 2 miles of the house there is almost always something I can't ID, so having the iSpot community to help, especially with groups I know nothing about, is completely wonderful.

It is proving to be a slight distraction from the day job, though...

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That's really great to here, I think iSpot can be what you want it to be, every individual can use it differently but every sighting adds valuable information.