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White lichen on Limestone

Observed: 13th November 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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White lichen on Limestone i
White Lichen on Limestone ii

White outer thallus, placodioid in parts along outside edge. Inner thallus white and grey and black. Centre of thallus missing. Growing on limestone. Soredia in middle of thallus. Possibly Caloplaca teicholyta.


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Sorry Phil! I had myself almost convinced.


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Caloplaca update to come (maybe, sometime ...)

I have a lot of Caloplaca photographs, updates and additional species, to add to my website sometime (including revision of so-called "C. citrina" and adding C. limonia, which I have known for quite some time, walk past on my way to work and am delighted we have a name for these days.)

Part of this is a set of C. teicholyta photographs, from a churchyard in which it was abundant and part of a Caloplaca 'masterclass'.

So I am indeed confident about Phil's original identification. One thing to note is that Dirina massiliensis, as well as developing a somewhat thicker mass of soredia, tends to have a very well demarked, smoothly rounded thallus edge, quite unlike the placodioid margin of C. teicholyta.

Phil's photographs show the C. teicholyta placodioid margin very well.

Of course, with fresh material, no problem, as Dirina scratches orange (Trentepohlia photobiont) - separates it not only from C. teicholyta but also from Lecanora pannonica, which can look disturbingly similar and frequently grows with it.

Sometime I'll get my site up to date as regards these species.


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for the explanation, and I look forward to the updates, as always.