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Lichen on twig

Observed: 26th November 2012 By: professor frogprofessor frog’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Lichen on twig

Greenish grey foliose lichen. Small. Twig in photo about 5mm. Diameter.
Covered in fruiting bodies. Brown discs with thallus -coloured outer ring.
On willow.


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foliose lichen

I can't see any markings that could be pseudocyphellae. No white spots or lines. Could it be Physcia stellaris ?

Professor Frog

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The pseudocyphellae...

are just barely visible as a mottling on the lobes - more subtle in P. aipolia than the coarse cracks in the cortex of Parmelia spp., though more pronounced when damp.

I agree with Ian that the other blue-green foliose sp. is a Parmelia.