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Plant below a mountain spring in running water

Observed: 26th November 2012 By: cspry
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This plant is a vigorous one, on the edge and covering a small stream running from a spring. It is easily pulled up with many roots along its length. I has no smell or taste that I could tell, but I am recovering from a cold.

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There would appear to be a

There would appear to be a flower in the first pic, the flower is blurred but the sepals are clear and they look similar to the many Veronica spp I've weeded out in the past so I'm certain it's Brooklime,


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Have to love this little plant....

....due to the ridiculous name! Becca-Bunga! Sounds like a modern dance craze.

It has a very misleading illustration in Rose, btw, which misrepresents the fleshiness of the leaves.

Rachy Ramone

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