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Observed: 25th July 2009 By: miked
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are these black-tailed godwits just back from iceland and still in breeding plumage. unfortunately i did not have a long enough lens (the image is at 100% enlargement) but have got a tern in for scale.

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godwits or not...

These birds do not have the long bills of godwits, or the striking white wing-bars and black-and-white tails of black-tailed godwits. Knot migrate south at this time of year from Greenland and Canada. In the photo the birds with red bellies are adults in breeding plumage and the lighter ones (some look dark because of shadows) are juveniles.

Bob Ford

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Thanks for that.

Thanks for that. Interestingly someone came up to me on the beach and asked what these birds were and I said they could be Knot. I could not really see what they were properly but was tossing up between godwit and knot. Then later someone who could see the birds properly said that thousands of godwit had just arrived and were seen at exactly the place where I was so I changed my mind to godwit.
Have now checked through all the pictures that I took at the time and the second one posted shows them much better, I had not seen this when I put up the original message.