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Unknown mushroom

Observed: 22nd November 2012 By: anonymous spotter
Unknown mushroom
Unknown mushroom

This mushroom was found growing on its own on stabilised sand dunes. The flattened cap is 6cm in diameter and smooth. The gills are crowded, different lengths and free. The stipe is 4cm long and shaggy. There were no rings visible and the base apears to have a volva. The mushroom did not change colour when wet.


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You are correct Entomola are

You are correct Entomola are refered to as pinkgills. I am certain that this is not an Entomola, they may have pinkish gills but they are not that pink!
E.sericellum is found in dunes and unusually for this Genus is white, but cap size is only 20mm.

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The Entoloma produce pink

The Entoloma produce pink spores which is why their gills appear to turn pink. Agaricus gills start pink but as the spores mature because they are dark brown the gill turn dark brown. A spore print from this find would be dark brown.