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Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebrates
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impossible to tell from your photo ...

.... can't see the curvature of the rostrum or the 2 small teeth at the end of the rostrum. Sorry.

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Any better?

That's all my photos that are vaguely in focus. Not sure if they help.

Thank you

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had a good look....

... no help under water - can't get the curvature at all. There does appear to be 2 equal teeth but this could still be P.adspersus. I'm sure it's probably the common prawn - either are good to eat.

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Hi Not sure of the species


Not sure of the species either myself for the reasons described by Gramandy.

As regards eating them, ie rockpool prawns, are they always safe to eat? A friend described coming out in a bad rash after dining on them and it wasnt his usual experience after eating sea food. I wonder is the freshness or otherwise of the pool an issue. Prawns seem to be tolerant of reasonably high temps in evaporating pools. Could the mineral content of some rockpools be higher following evaporation?

I tried some in September and the rich mineral taste made them pretty inedible, I had fears of a rash because many years ago I got it from eating too much brown crab in one week(the crab was absolutely fine, I just ate too much too many days in succession).