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Sea Aster Florets(Aster Tripolium)

Observed: 13th November 2012 By: Clive Timothy LeeClive Timothy Lee’s reputation in PlantsClive Timothy Lee’s reputation in Plants
Sea Aster Florets(Aster Tripolium)
Sea Aster(Aster Tripolium)Whole plant

Found at the side of the hayle estuary near the viaduct spar and train station.

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Species with which Red Valerian (Centranthus ruber) interacts


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ID comment

The flowers and leaves seem to be that of a Red Valerian which can be pink to red in colour.

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Red valerian ????????????

hate to burst all your bubbles but i have a pic of red valerian and i almost put it on its a purple flower so purple valerian i think not u lot need ur eyes tested ha ha !!

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Red Valerian

Hi Clive, I'm sorry that you do not agree with the revised identification, as you can see numerous others do.

If you google Red Valerian and look at the images of the flowers and leaves you will see that they match your image very well. In addition you will see that they vary in colour from white to deep red but not purple.

If you post your purple image others can give an opinion on what it might be.

Sorry if I have misinterpreted your comment above.