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Green fruticose lichen?

Observed: 29th November 2012 By: ih566ih566’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2012-11-25 12.35.47
2012-11-25 12.35.59
2012-11-25 12.36.59
2012-11-29 11.50.51

Soft green coloured, very fine hairs, some indication of protrusion in centre of low mound. On dead ash branch. Colour reasonably true - first photo using flash.


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Green patches.

Can't make out the typical branching structures of a fruticose lichen. Could it be a mould rather than a lichen?

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Under x20 magnification, the

Under x20 magnification, the structure is of a dense net of strands hyphae? It looks like a miniature version of the bush material that model railway enthusiasts use! No apparent other structures. Underneath it has a rapid change to white network and one patch has white edges, though still the same net-like structure.
Sorry I've no ability to photograph to that level of detail but this new photo can be zoomed a bit closer to show the net.