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Unkown mountain plant

Observed: 31st January 2009 By: lewislewis’s reputation in Plantslewis’s reputation in Plantslewis’s reputation in Plants
Unkown mountain plant
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This is Diphasiastrum

This is Diphasiastrum alpinum.

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This is H selago:

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Alpine clubmoss - oops

Perhaps you should suggest it as an id Mydaea!

I missed that the leaves were tightly appressed and the plant appears to have creeping tendrils ~ so yes its more likely to be alpine clubmoss.

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Be my guest. I am not playing

Be my guest. I am not playing the reputation game.

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Fair enough..

..but I was thinking more of a correct id for the OP.

By hiding a correction in the comments, your still playing ~ just a slightly different game.