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Observed: 26th October 2012 By: rutterkinrutterkin’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Looks more like sawfly. Lacks

Looks more like sawfly. Lacks a prominent ovipositor for an ichneumon.


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Certainly an ichneumonid of

Certainly an ichneumonid of the genus Ichneumon. Females of most Ichneumoninae have short ovipositors that do not extend beyond the apex of the abdomen at rest. Like all ichneumonids, the 'waist' is 'pinched', i.e. there is a noticeable constriction at the junction of the propodeum and the first metasomal segment. Ichneumon stramentor is a likely candidate, based on the yellow apical spot on the metasoma, but there are other species too, and I'm not very good at identifying Ichneumoninae.

Gavin Broad