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UK Mini Fish Project

Observed: 25th November 2012 By: Jack PerksJack Perks’s reputation in Fish

Working with National Geographic this project aims to find out why our smaller freshwater species are in decline. Any siting’s of the species please post below with Species, Location, Numbers, Clarity of water
With the practical work starting in April and lasting till September this ambitious project will be to set out to find what’s happening to Britain’s smaller freshwater fish.
I'll (Jack Perks) be covering the media side being a experienced wildlife and underwater photographer hoping to get revealing shots of species rarely photographed in there natural habitats.
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fish survey

Hi Jack,

This looks like an interesting project. If you'd like people to contribute sightings via iSpot we could set up a suitable tag, and then the data could be exported to you later in the project. This might be especially useful for sightings when people aren't sure what the species is (although getting photographs of fish to confirm the ID is always a challenge!).

What's happening to the data from this survey, is it being passed on to any of the recording schemes, or to the Biological Records Centre and/or National Biodiversity Network?

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yes that would be very useful to do as i know lots of people use this site.
the project finishes in september 2013 and the data will be avilable for anyone who wants it so i'll pass on the findings to the BRC and NBN.

i'm currnetly getting infomation from the environment agency on what they've found from surveys also so will have quite alot of data!

im trying to promote thi as much as i can so would be very gratful for the help


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