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Berry tree in school grounds (Hawthorn?)

Observed: 25th November 2012 By: Lowell MillsLowell Mills’s reputation in Plants
Coleraine fieldwork 006

About 10 feet tall, lacking leaves. Close-up of berries and branch.

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And on the subject of Hawthorn without leaves...

...if you squish the berries and count the seeds, you may be able to decide between common Hawthorn, Crateagus monogyna, which has one seed (as the name would suggest) or the less common Midland Hawthorn, C. laevigata, which has two stones in each fruit.

The latter is often found in roadsides, (ie planted) municipal planting, etc. Especially the cultivar "Paul's Scarlet" with deep pink flowers.

Rachy Ramone

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