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Observed: 22nd November 2012 By: MikeHollandMikeHolland’s reputation in PlantsMikeHolland’s reputation in Plants

I should know this one,!!!
Sedge have a edge.???

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Most Luzulas have silky hairs on their leaves which is not typical of most sedges (some do eg C hirta)

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or club-rush?

My first thought in response is that Luzula sylvatica is less hairy than the other wood rushes, especially late in the year.
But that thought might be a result of having mistaken Scirpus sylvaticus for Luzula sylvatica in the field as well as on photographs. There's a site about 8 miles away with a colony that looks pretty much like this photograph - I'll have to check it out next year when flowering, when the rounded stems of Luzula can be distinguished from the triangular stems of Scirpus. (Scirpus sylvaticus is known from that wood, but I've never knowingly seen it - Luzula sylvatica is also recorded from the tetrad, but not specifically from that site.)

Turning to vegetative differences Luzula sylvatica has flat leaves, whereas Scirpus sylvaticus has (shallowly, I presume) M-shaped leaves. Scirpus sylvaticus also seems to hold its leaves more erect (but this might not apply late in the year).

Consequently, while you have dented my confidence that this is Luzula sylvatica, I still lean to that identification.

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It probably is Luzula

It probably is Luzula sylvatica in view of the leaves being flat, so I agree.

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Thanks for the ID,,,

Thanks for the ID,,,

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would you say this is very

would you say this is very common in cornwall and was this on the moors.