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Seen in forest in Spanish Basque Country at 400 meters alt.
The second pinture is from underneath leaves and the third to show the bottom of stem (not sharp picture I am afraid)

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2nd picture

The second picture looks more like the top of the leaf - or did it not have any spores? Much harder to identify without spores. This one doesn't look familiar to me, so I'm hoping someone else will identify it, so I can find out what it is too. (And I hope it isn't one I should have known.) It's very helpful to have a range of photos for identifying ferns, thanks!

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I confirm the plant had no

I confirm the plant had no spore ...

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Didn't it know we wanted to know what it was? What an unhelpful plant!

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I'd just decided it was probably Broad Buckler, and then found cicuta had already identified it! Still, at least I got there in the end. My excuse is that it isn't one I see very often.

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Ferns ...

... can be difficult to get good photographs of. They (often) grow in dark places, and the habit (often) means that you don't get a good view of the shape of the frond.

I thought that it might be Dryopteris dilatata, but decided there wasn't enough to go on, especially as many places have a less depauperate fern flora than round here.

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Thanks for your help. There

Thanks for your help.
There is apparently another very similar one D. Carthusiana but with the sclaes on the stem in one single colour and not 2 like here.