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Helleborus Viridis

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Helleborus Viridis
Ranunculaceas - Helleborus Viridis 1
Ranunculaceas - Helleborus Viridis 3 (657x800)
Ranunculaceas - Helleborus Viridis 5 (1024x791)

Seen today near a small mountain river at 400 meters alt. in Spanish Basque country
The plant was in a forest, so it is unlikely to be Foetidus and it doesn't smell (badly).

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Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your help. Apparently I have the choice between H. foestidus and Viridis and without the flower open it is not possible to confirm.

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Glad you checked!

Must admit I just went on first thoughts, though I did do a quick google to make sure it wasn't a daft suggestion. I shall go and look them up now! Maybe the one in my garden isn't what I think it is.

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Nice flower pictures!

Good to see the flowers open - yes, not H foetidus is it, with those wide-open flowers.