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Saxifraga Hirsuta

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Saxifraga Hirsuta
Saxifraga Hirsuta

is growing on moss . As flower is missing, it is difficult to be sure about the specie

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The closest one I can see in Wildflowers of Britain and Northern Europe (which may well not include your one) looks like Saxifraga hirsuta, though there are also some hybrid ones with similar leaves.
What made me think Saxifrage (which may still be wrong) was the underside of the leaf, which reminded me of garden Heucheras, a saxifrage relative.

The leaves actually first reminded me of the ox-eye daisy rosettes in my garden, but the undersides don't look right for that.

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Thanks for your help. It

Thanks for your help. It looks like a good candidate. Pity I don't have the flower.I will change the name in the observation

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Not sure

I only suggested S hirta as a possibility - I think there's a fair chance it's something else similar, but I don't think I'd go as far as 'it's likely to be this'. It does look pretty similar to pictures that come up on google, but also similar to Saxifraga epiphylla or S mertensiana which both come up on a search for saxifraga and round leaves (I haven't looked to see where they come from).

Though if you do want to put a specific name in, it's worth using the automatic checks in the system, as then it will bring up other pictures of the same thing (I don't think it will recognise Saxifraga Hirsuta with a capital H on hirsuta, though not sure). The 'get recommended' button is very useful for getting suggested English names too. I hope that doesn't sound too bossy - just trying to help! :)

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Flora Iberica ( has ...

... 58 species of Saxifraga, but only 3 species in section Gymnopera - S. hirsuta, S. spathularis and S. umbrosa. In Britain, where this group commonly occurs as escapes from cultivation (e.g. Saxifraga x urbium) hybrids confuse the issue - that might be less of a problem in Spain.

Saxifraga epiphylla and S. mertensiana are not in the Spanish flora.

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Leaf shape, red colour

Leaf shape, red colour underneath, number of crenations (about 20) and hairiness on both sides of the leaves are good for S. hisuta.

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Thanks for your comment and

Thanks for your comment and advices. I realise that without the flower the final name is a bit uncertain and thought the selection " likely to be this" would fit, but I agree to change it and will return to this place next year to take picture of the flowers.
I looked in the book I have under Saxifraga and couldn't find other candidate in Spain with these kind of leaves, but let's be more "scientific" and keep it uncertain until next year