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One blind mouse? (Bray GP)

Observed: 18th November 2012 By: MikeCoonMikeCoon’s reputation in Mammals
One blind mouse? (Bray GP)

This mouse appeared to be feeding on nettle seeds, if that is what they are. It was there at least ten minutes while I stumbled nearer and took photos. Maybe it has toxoplasmosis and thinks it is supermouse!

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Portrait orientation

This photo should be in portrait orientation, as it appears in Picasa but I don't know how to correct this in iSpot.

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Picasa seems to catch many people out. I think it is too clever for our own good; it corrects orientation for viewing and presents accordingly but doesn’t actually change the orientation of the original file, best to check before uploading.

You can use the Picasa editing suit to change the orientation of the original but this does get quite complicated as it will still not alter the original but saves a duplicate. Far easier to use one of the bog standard bits of picture editing software that probably came free with your operating system.



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Field mice

Hi Mike - no, field mice is the collective common name for the whole Apodemus group of species. We have just 2 such species in Britain, but there are several more across Europe and beyond. The 2 species in Britain cannot be distinguished unless you can get a clear look at the chest/neck markings, so where the ranges overlap the closest we can ID without those markings is 'Apodemus species'. Only if the location is well outside the yellow-necked mouse's more restricted range can we say with any certainty that it's wood mouse. I hope that helps. Gill

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