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Observed: 25th October 2012 By: Chrissy
  • Rat
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Unusual colour

Hi Margaret - Google Maps puts your location marker in the North Sea(!) but if this was in Staffordhsire Moorlands the only species of wild rat this could be would be brown rat. It is very black, so I'm wondering if it's the offspring of a domestic 'fancy' variety - escaped or released as unwanted?

Gill Sinclair
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Hi Gill, thank you for confirming my suspicion that the colour was unusual. Our little colony appears fairly centred on the food source here, and we're half a mile from any possible pet rats, but I suppose some could have been released.
Is there any other iSpot user reading this, who is struggling to like rats, rather than put poison down?
I shall have to check my location details Gill. This weather it really feels like the North Sea!
Best Wishes, Chris.

Christine Carter

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Rats and cockroaches

I struggle to like rats, but, like you, I'd do my utmost to avoid putting down poison.
I've currently got an infestation of cockroaches in my kitchen and every night, I catch as many as I can and release them outside. I have this feeling that they have as much right to live as I do. Most people think I'm crazy.

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Brown rats are sometimes

Brown rats are sometimes black, just as black rats are often brown. This is a brown rat Rattus norwegicus.