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Observed: 23rd November 2012 By: pen-y-bont_mikepen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

This was growing on a wooden fence. There was a single Cladonia specimen growing about 15cm above this group which may or may not be the same species so I am making a separate observation for that one to be on the safe side. Here it is . There was another lone one growing about 10cm above that which I am more sure was the same as this but I am not posting any photos.


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I wish I knew which one!

I wish I knew which one! They seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment. I have a number of them to be identified too, but trying to see and remember the differences is at present defeating me. :(

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Maybe ...

This might well be C. humilis, but it's young and it's wet. Best named just to genus I think.