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Moss Campion

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Poster on Purple Saxifrage
Purple Saxifrage

Moss Campion at 2000 metres on the Krippenstein, in the Austrian Alps.

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is this really purple

is this really purple saxifrage, it looks more like moss campion to me. Could you put a higher resolution enlargement on, also if it is moss campion then you might be able to find it in your local mountains (flowers june-july).

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I do not know if this is

I do not know if this is purple but I am!
Looking at it again, I saw a purple plant near a sign that had a purple plant on it.
So forgot all science training and said that must be it without looking to see if they were the same.
I have added a photo of the sign as evidence, I would like to put it down to the altitude!

Les Pearce
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I did a similar thing with a

I did a similar thing with a recent bird image I posted:
http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/3065 so you're not the only one!

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Purple plant

An easy mistake, they do look superficially similar, though definately moss campion. Les, do you want to correct the identification?

Graham Banwell

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Goodness, it's nice to see the old ways
"...do you want to correct the identification?" is lovely!

Red faces, sheer embarassment, gentle correction and calm banter.
What MIGHT have changed is the competitive nature of more recent posters, who might prefer to put up a new ID in the hope of a few 'points' - I did not mean that to look so sour and it's not meant to be. It's a comment about History.
Derek (Trawling...)