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Unknown Berry Bearer

Observed: 22nd November 2012 By: Ray Turner
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Observed blackbirds feeding on this as part of the BTO Winter Thrush Survey, for which we record food plant where relevant.
Unfortunately not sure this is on the handy chart provided. Any Idea?

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Ah I wondered about a

Ah I wondered about a Cotoneaster sp. Thanks.



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Looks like ...

... not Cotoneaster simonsii itself, but one of the similar species, such as Cotoneaster dielsianus.

Pyracantha would be evergreen (not semi-deciduous) and prickly.

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very hard to tell really.

very hard to tell really. Might be C. franchetii (berries appear to be orange, which excludes C. dielsianus). All kinds of Trushes do love Cotoneaster berries (not of ALL species), as do Waxwings.

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dammen lowfast

anyone know if the above variety is good for pollenators and berry eating birds?

I am hoping to use a lot of it in a situation where very low growth is desirable

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Cotoneasters in general are

Cotoneasters in general are good for Bees etc.,


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Agreed Grizzled Badger.
Wondered if this might be one of the varieties less palatable to birds,which is not at all what I want.

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fruits with short hairs!?!

I believe there are some which have short hairs on the fruits perhaps making them irritating to the birds.