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Lichen on old Hawthorn tree

Observed: 22nd November 2012 By: MikeHollandMikeHolland’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Think i need to get a good book on lichens as there are so many of then..
Anyone out there recomend a good one????


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List of Lichen publications

Cat.31. Lichens – An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species 6th Edition (2011)

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Thanks for that Martin.. Look

Thanks for that Martin..

Look to a very good Guide.

Was thinking more a pocket book field guide.

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FSC charts

Unfortunately there isn't a pocketable field guide to lichens though the Field Studies Council has fold-out charts to lichens in various habitats:

Paul Whelan has published what it so far the only introductory guide to lichens, there are some mistakes in the text (as with most books) but it does provide a useful introduction with some great photos and the species are also found in the UK:

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How many?

How many different types of lichen are there in the UK?

S. Heale

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Enough for a lifetime

Over 1873 species, including the rare ones.


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Just signed up with the

Just signed up with the British Lichen Society..lots of reading to do now..

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Lichens are very sensitive to

Lichens are very sensitive to air pollution, especially sulphur dioxide, and are used by scientists to indicate air pollution.