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Very common sedge / grass on mountian bog in west Ireland

Observed: 4th November 2012 By: seandublinseandublin’s reputation in Plants

It appears to be a sedge but due to heavy sheep grazing, flowering / fruiting heads were not located. I guessed it may be Carex panicea

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probably right you know, but

probably right you know, but the saying sedges have edges? is a benchark maybe??

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It looks almost as if you have two different species in the photos above. The middle one (top right on my screen) looks like it could possibly be Common Yellow-sedge Carex viridula, but without seeing flowers/fruits I'd be very wary of putting a more definite name to it. Not sure that any of the pictures look very much like panicea to me; it's noticeably blue-green on both sides of the leaves, but the colour reproduction in the images may be selling me short! Appreciate that's not wholly helpful, but hopefully someone with more sedge expertise will comment!