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Unknown shelled marine animal

Observed: 14th November 2012 By: woodlanddavid
Unknown shelled marine animal

Found attached to a piece of drift wood washed up after a storm on Whitesands beach, Pembrokeshire. Formed part of a bigger colony.

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Thank you.

Thanks all, great stuff.

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should be...

.....in invertebrates section and you will get more help with ID :)

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There's another even surer

There's another even surer case which needs more agreements (to Wilpad's ID there) at http://www.ispotnature.org/node/237442 [having been shifted from 'other organisms']. As well as long stems, & the blackenings towards the heads, etc, it's a mass UK landing, & there's no case of such in the uk either in pictures or texts.
The reasons given there for the negative id 'lepas' contradict the descriptions in both H.& R's handbook of marine fauna (pp 305&7) & species-identification .org, http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=zmns&menuent...
1st he couldn't see fine striations; but H&R says "usually smooth" & 'species-id' says "smooth or finely striated"
2nd they might be L. hilli (a rare find being a tropical or semitropical species) see http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=zmns&menuent...
H&R says "distingushed [from anatifera] by a pale collar between stalk & capitulum[ie head]"
Species-id says "a pale or orange belt below the capitulum",& of the peduncle (=stalk) says "as long as or shorter than capitulum [=head]"
Wildpad's barnacles clearly lack the orange belt/collar & clearly have stalks longer than the heads
http://www.aphotomarine.com/barnacle_lepas_hilli_goose_barnacle.html shows the orange collars

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see also