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PG Plant

Observed: 15th November 2012 By: Nick Myers
PG Plant

It looks like an umbellifer in the angelica/hogweed type but I can't seem to tie it down accurately. Some help with an accurate id would be much appreciated.

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The leaves are biternate/bipinnate. This means that it is not Angelica sylvstris, which is singly pinnate, nor Heracleum sphondylium, which is pinnately lobed.

There are quite a number of umbellifers with bipinnate foliage, but I can't find one which jumps out as matching this one in details - perhaps because this is a young plant.

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Wait and see...

....when it gets a little larger, it will that much easier to ID it.

As above, definitely not Hogweed, nor Angelica.

Also, in my opinion, not Fumaria either - their foliage is much more finely cut.

I'll be interested to hear other comments!

Oh, but if this is part of your cultivated garden, I'd hoick it out now...

Rachy Ramone

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It does looks to me like a typical channelled umbellifer petiole - the petiole and rachis seem too robust for a fumitory.

Do we have an indication of scale? I was interpreting it as 5-6 inches across.

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had another look, also hairy

had another look, also hairy so not Fumaria

Tim Rich

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pg plant

My "guesses" already covered (intially thought looked rather fumitory but rather robust)at least you can feel better that you're not the only one who doesn't know what it is.