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Two different fungi species on a dying oak tree

Observed: 8th November 2012 By: trappertranter
ancient oak spring 2011
oak tree April 2012
ancient oak fungus,grown
ancient oak , dying branch with new white fungus
close up of white fungus on ancient oak

This very ancient oak lost its entire top in a gale 5 years ago and seems to be now in decline. Last year bright orange spirals of fungus appeared round the trunk at the same time as what looked like beetle holes. (the 'stipped off bark I think was woodpeckers after the beetles?) Through the year the fungus grew and became small bracket like. by Oct 2012 it had developed into hard brackets (photo 3). In the meantime another white fungus suddenly appeared in Oct 2012 round the large hole in the trunk. Now it has spread and thickened down the trunk, very quickly, it seems very aggressive.


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are you sure the oak is definatly dying? some anient oaks look like they are being literally eaten alive by fungi yet is still alive.

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ancient oak

I had the County tree officer come out to look at it and after tapping it all over etc he said it was dying but that it would/could take many years. the one big branch has had no leaves on for a couple of years but there is still new fresh growth on the other side of the tree. I guess its alive in parts.
this white fungus appeared so suddenly on the dead side.