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Unknown tree (3 photos)

Observed: 18th November 2012 By: stephenmidstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plants
Notice seed pods
8 meter tree

Looks like it might have been part of a hedge originally, but now this is a tree 8 metres tall. Notice seed pods in first photo.

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Thanks a lot for the ID martinjohnbishop and goldsoldhouse. The clue was obviously there in my description. I am very surprised to learn that it can grow so tall.


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Lots of things grow tall...

...given no attention. I spent years being surprised at tree-like roses, for example: or simple stuff like Field Maple (Acer campestre) which I had only seen as a low clipped hedge, but which can become monstrous, full-sized, oak-challenging trees if left alone long enough.

Even common "hedging" plants such as blackthorn, and hawthorn, can turn into quite decent-sized trees if left unclipped.

Ah, botany, gotta love it!

Rachy Ramone

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