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Observed: 18th November 2012 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and LichensChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Nov2 005 Cladonia sp, Blythe Valley

Thin-stemmed branched lichen about 2 inches high, growing amongst moss/grass. Pinkish tips to the branches. Any ideas which Cladonia it might be? (Or maybe not a Cladonia?) Stems are greyish-white with pale green mottles.


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added close-up

Close-up of branches added. The blue squares are mm squares.

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The narrow branch angle supports C. furcata. The green mosaic is often mentioned in relation to C. rangiformis, but other Cladonia spp. exhibit these islands of algal cells, including C. furcata and C. portentosa.

I still think this is C. furcata, but I am no Cladonia expert. It's a hellish genus and one I often avoid. C. rangiformis should give a pale yellow reaction with potassium (or sodium) hydroxide solution; C. furcata shouldn't.


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Thanks for looking again. I love the 'hellish genus and one I often avoid' comment!

If I'd kept a bit, I could have tested it with the KOH I've just ordered for fungus testing... Should have kept some I suppose, but the pile of bits of things I've kept is getting too large (the photos alone take ages to sort out!) Still, I may get to go there again next year, so perhaps I'll remember to collect a bit more.