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White bat (heavily leucistic)

Observed: 4th August 2011 By: The Black RabbitThe Black Rabbit’s reputation in Mammals
white bat

This photo I took a year or so ago of what we think is a heavily leucistic (not an albino) bat (possibly a common pip) has done the rounds since we first saw the flying snowball hawk ovr our neighbours garden. (it has done so for four years now).
But even a supposed expert chiroptologist on baord, we've not been able to ID to species level.
Any chance of the good people at i-spot having a go.
Please don't ask me for a better photo - its very hard taking a photo of a flying bat at night with no autofocus...! This is the best I managed in three years...

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Impressive photo

Much much much better than my best bat photo! Whatever it is, you're very lucky to have something so special come back repeatedly. Hope you can carry on enjoying it for a good while yet!

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I agree, it is a fantastic photo! Would love to get a bat detector under it, it is really interesting!

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Amazing photo of amazing bat

I too would suggest pipistrelle, have never seen one like this!
Hope it keeps coming back


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What an amazing photo,

What an amazing photo, especially as it is taken without autofocus! I also think it looks like a pipistrelle.

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