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Goldfinch adapting

Observed: 16th November 2012 By: corylus
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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A lone Goldfinch reappeared 10 days ago and fed extremely well.Unfortunately I broke off one of the perches when refilling the Niger seed.All was fine for the singleton but one or more of the 3 now feeding have been hovering mid -air & at least one has been perching like a tit to feed.They are very keen on the Niger seed but will go for other seed mixes occasionally,I intend to remedy the situation.Have been too busy taking shots to observe any other details.

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Broken feeder perch

I had the same thing happen to me when the feeder blew away in a gale. I made another perch by making a large ring with fencing wire and fitting it around the feeder above the remaining perch. Twist the ring tight when in situ and remember to bend over the ends tightly to stop injury to the birds and make sure that they cant get their claws/toes trapped.

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Thanks for the idea-stronger than glue I would think.

I was trying to get the tight- fitting lid to shut so put the thing in a bowl that was slightly too small across the base & that was that.I know how far Niger seed can go& I don't mean in Goldfinch terms either.Last spring I stored the seed in our back porch to find the bag ripped open,accessed through the catflap.It could only have been one of our visiting badgers which had sniffed out the fat balls & sunflower seeds.Luckily I don't buy big amounts.I don't think it was a rat.We do put out the odd left overs for the badgers after we caught one raiding the compost bucket that was just outside said porch.I was initially horrified to see the acrobatic goldfinch as I thought it might get stuck.thanks Hazel

Hazel Trevan

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Badgers and compost!

Thanks for your reply to my suggestion re Goldfinch feeder.
We do also have badgers but they don't seem to like coming onto our deck to get to the back door where we keep our compost bucket. The compost goes into the main big bin about once a week. I just happened to look out one day and there was a full grown rat taking a complete apple and running off with it and disappearing under the decking. I was fairly surprised until about 3 days later and after a torrential downpour when I found 3 small newly born dead rat babies in the drainpipe outlet from under the decking.

I guess desperate mums will go to any length to feed the kids.

We havn't seen any since but I guess that they are still around and not far away.

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