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Major fling of Redshank

Observed: 4th November 2012 By: gramandy
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Major fling of Redshank

a panoramic view of approx 40-50 Redshank on the prom. Back to Westgate with a vengeance. These are 2 legged unlike the the small fling which return every year with only 1 leg. A few of these are also ringed but I am unable to get a close up of these, can anyone work out from these pics the rings? How close do you need to get and do you need to see numbers etc to be any good. Does colour help for return of ID?

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What wonderful photos! Are

What wonderful photos! Are they there each year?

Many thanks,

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These look like (BTO) metal rings, for which you would probably have to read the whole ring number to be of use (ie more than one photo to get the 'other side'). As this appears as if it may be a high-tide roost it may be best not to disturb them.

All the best

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with you on this...

... all the waders need as much free space as possible to build up for their departure in the new year. We have posters everywhere to attempt to stop dogs chasing them whilst they are here. Generally, it's the local people who run after them.

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If any are colour-ringed, then note down the colours and the position on each leg, and where the metal ring is, too. You could trace those through this site...

If all they have is a metal ring, you need a series of close-up photos from different angles, so that you can read all the letters/numbers. Not easy, but some people manage it!


My Flickr photos...

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haven't got a...

...great camera - so I might not be a great help in IDing. I will visit the site though in case I can get something to be of use. Thanks for the link and all your help.

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every year..

.. always return october/november and stay til march here. Will post lots of wader pics over the coming months - check out some of my pics from last year. Many sanderling /turnstone/oystercatcher etc.