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Small scarlet toadstool

Observed: 16th November 2012 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Vermillion waxcap Hygrocybe miniata

Small all-scarlet toadstool around 1cm across cap, around 7 cms tall in beech/ash/oak woodland. Maybe a Vermillion waxcap? Looks more conical than in most images I can find, but maybe they flatten out as they age, but other features and location look good for this.


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I suspect you'd need to check microscopical details to be sure.

Gorgeous photo though!

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Tricky toadstool

Thanks Chalky. Yes, looks like this photogenic little toadstool is tricky to ID... I even started to wonder if it might be a Mycena as the shape matches them better, but the only scarlet ones I can find seem to be from Australia and new Zealand.... So I'm back to a ? Hygrocybe sp. It seems miniata and helobia are indistinguishable, but helobia seems to be a grassland species and miniata can be in woodland, so I still favour it, but I'm a novice to fungus ID and hoped someone could be definitive, at least to genus!

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