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Stinking Iris?

Observed: 15th November 2012 By: ar8922
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I'm reasonably sure this is Stinking Iris but I'd welcome confirmation or correction. Personally I don't think it's well named as it smells like roast beef to me.

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"Roast Beef plant"... what it used to be called, but these days it's known as Stinking Iris.

Makes you realise (as I have commented before, but it bears repeating) that in the "old days" they used to eat their meat a lot older than we do!

Adam, I have to agree, though, that at times I find the smell of this plant appetising: at other times, not so much.

I guess it's possible that the chemical which gives it the smell can wax and wane as the plant moves through its life cycle?

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks Rachy

I'll check the smell again each time I come across it... to see if it varies much.