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Arctic Tern in Winter Plumage???

Observed: 4th November 2012 By: RPWinstonRPWinston’s reputation in BirdsRPWinston’s reputation in Birds
Least Tern winter plumage
Least Tern winter plumage1

Small tern which at first I thought might be a Little (Least) Tern, but have now gone for a winter plumaged Arctic, although I am still not convinced. It did seem a bit too small. Any positive ID would be gratefully received.

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Common Tern

If you zoom in on the photo you can see this bird has deep red legs and a red tint to the base of the black bill.
Common Tern shows an obvious pale half eye-ring below the eye. The bill is quite slender and the head looks too small for Least (proportionately) see:-


What does concern me is the tail length, it looks very short.